About Us

Officetree was founded with the goal of providing an innovative, yet affordable, cloud application suite to businesses.  We recognized that businesses were paying for disparate software applications, retyping the same data, and training staff to use different interfaces when performing their daily tasks.  And so the revolution began…

Taking over four years to develop, we painstakingly designed easy-to-use software applications which use the power of the cloud.  We opened pipelines between the applications so your common data can be shared between applications.  Then, we applied a carefully-crafted user interface so that performing back-office tasks would be easy.  Finally, we decided to give away some versions of the applications for free, while offering other versions inexpensively for the smallest of businesses.

In working with us, you will also find a superior level of service.  Our team can provide business-oriented advice, consultation, and assistance with your business management / administrative tasks.

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