Manage your sales cycle, from adding prospects to developing customer relationships.



Create a customizable SALES PIPELINE that reflects your sales process!  You can see prospects by stage.

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  • Our FREE widget opens up a form on your website for prospective customers to enter their pre-sales questions.  All questions are routed to an online case management system within Officetree CRM.


Officetree CRM supports single-user and multi-user team environments.  Our Action Center directs you to the next prospect / customer needing attention.  When a user clicks into a record, it becomes locked and removed from the general queue.  When finished, the user can set a recall date and the application will hide the record from the queue until the specified date and time.


Who Doesn't Like Happy, Loyal Customers?

Don’t stop when you’ve converted a prospect.  Use Officetree CRM to track current customer activity, set follow-up tasks to communicate with existing customers, and track customer interaction with your support staff (when used with Officetree Help Desk).

Common Questions

How is your CRM system different than others?

Our apps are integrated.  If you buy a Help Desk system from one vendor, and a CRM app from another, they won’t look/feel the same and they won’t share data.  With Officetree, your staff have virtually no learning curve using a second or third Officetree application, and your data is shared seamlessly between them.  In fact, Officetree CRM is the entry point where prospects become customers and we can track their data all the way into Officetree Invoice, Officetree Accounting and Officetree Help Desk, allowing your team to avoid entering the same data into multiple applications.

What exactly is a CRM application?

CRM refers to "customer relationship management" but it also covers the portion of the sales cycle where a business identifies prospects.  We offer cloud-based software that helps you enter prospects, convert prospects into customers, and interact with your customers to ensure satisfaction.

Do you require a credit card?

Not for the free plan.  Remember, free means free.  So what are you waiting for?  Click the button on this page.

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