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Customers easily open support cases.  You use our software to dazzle them until they say "wow!"  Metrics included.


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Common Questions

How is your Help Desk system different than others?

Our apps are integrated.  If you buy a Help Desk system from one vendor, and an Accounting app from another, they won’t look / feel the same and they won’t share data.  With Officetree, your staff have virtually no learning curve using a second or third Officetree application, and your data is shared seamlessly between them.

What exactly is a Help Desk application?

We offer cloud-based software that helps you provide customer support.  Customers can search a self-service Knowledge Base or post questions for personalized help.  Our simple interface guides one-person or multi-person teams to respond to those questions, and then summarizes the data with beautiful graphs.

Do you require a credit card?

Not for the free plan.  Remember, free means free.  So what are you waiting for?  Click the button on this page.

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This Widget Will Improve Your Website In Seconds!

  • Add a snip of code to your website.  Our FREE widget opens up a form on your website for customers to enter their post-sales questions.  Customers may also ask questions by email, or on a customer portal page we provide.  All questions are routed as new tickets in our online case management system.

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