Quite possibly the most powerful, yet simple-to-use, invoicing solution in the cloud.  It even handles tax.


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Common Questions

How is your Invoice application different than others?

It is not a basic, add-on feature within an Accounting application.  We developed it from the ground up, to perform sophisticated invoicing functions such a computation of sales tax, applying shipping rates based upon the weight of the items, recurring invoicing, and overseeing fulfillment based upon user-defined rules.  Plus, being part of the Officetree cloud, invoices are viewable within your Help Desk application so billing staff can respond to billing questions.

Do you require a credit card?

Not for the free plan.  Remember, free means free.  So what are you waiting for?  Click the button on this page.

How can you offer this for free?

We offer other applications or paid service plans, too. ; Perhaps you’ll sign up for those, but if not, free is free and we hope you’ll tell a friend about us.

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Other Invoice Applications Won't Do This!

  • FedEx / UPS Rate Calculation

    Our application can retrieve UPS and FedEx shipping cost information and automatically compute the shipping rate.

  • Automatic Sales Tax Computation

    For U.S. customers: We can now automatically compute the sales tax for you in all 50 states!  No more adding sales tax rates manually for your taxable zones.  And, each quarter, run a report to see what you owe each tax authority, formatted to match the breakdowns used by common sales and use tax returns.

  • Fulfillment Assistant

    Other invoice applications don't help you fulfill the products or service items on your invoices.  We do!  Plus, you can set each customer’s payment terms and our assistant knows when to allow the invoice to be fulfilled.  For service-based businesses, the assistant even tracks service completion.

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