A unique team collaboration & chat application for teams of all sizes!


Includes Screen Sharing!

Tired of using separate "meeting" apps to share your screen?  Officetree Messenger now supports screen sharing and team chat in one combined app.

Multiple Platforms

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Browser

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Common Questions

How is Officetree Messenger different than Slack or Skype?

All are great products, but Slack's standard version costs roughly 4x the cost of Officetree Messenger (assuming monthly billing) and their best version is priced at roughly 5x the cost of Officetree Messenger!  If you don't need features such as Slack's Active Directory synchronization with Okta, then try Officetree Messenger and save your hard-earned money.  Meanwhile, Skype has a great personal messaging tool but it's not designed for business teams, and Skype for Business is great for periodic meetings but it doesn't offer some of the daily messaging features (e.g. team channels) offered by Slack or Officetree Messenger.

How does your Messenger application work?

We provide an app for everyone so all users can stay connected!  We have desktop apps for Windows and Mac PCs, and mobile apps for iOS and Android phones.  We also offer a browser-based application that works at any resolution.  All portions of the Messenger application are designed to work from hotels, behind corporate firewalls, from home, via wireless internet connections, etc.  so that business users have regular access to chat with co-workers and business contacts.  The Windows, Mac and Web applications can be left open on a user’s machine in a small window mode so co-workers can reach each other regularly throughout a day, all using the same corporate messaging client.

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Features Chart

No Annual Billing!  Month-To-Month Pricing
1/4 the price of Slack's standard plan!


$0.00 / user / mo.


$0.99 / user / mo.


$1.99 / user / mo.


$2.99 / user / mo.
Departments Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Conversations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Channels Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Search Messages 12k Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
File Sharing (max size / file) 1 mb 5 mb 10 mb 50 mb
Chat With Customers & Vendors
Show User Photos In Chats
Apps for All Devices
Voice Calls 1:1 (20 mins) 1:1 (60 mins)
Video Calls 1:1 (20 mins) 1:1 (60 mins)
Web Chat  
Screen Sharing
Web Interface To View Chats    
Role-Based User Permissions    
Restrict Access By Location      
Support Included Included Included Included
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